Mr. Rogers Nominated as Teacher of the Year

Mazin Dargol, Staff Writer

Before we commence, the Journalism staff and Page’s student body would like to congratulate Mr. David Rogers on his nomination as teacher of the year at Page High School. Mr. Rogers, the English and Journalism teacher and the coach of Page’s track team, had a couple of things to say in regards to this achievement.

Mr. Rogers stated that “It’s a humbling experience and is nice when it’s an acknowledgment from your fellow colleagues.” While being held a welcoming Teacher of the Year party with balloons, food, and gratitude, he also received the first red blazer here at Page for his nomination. A cover photo on Page’s home website was posted as well. Also on the topic of this accomplishment, Mr. Rogers had a few things to say about his progress throughout his 20 years of teaching: “…the older you get you gain more responsibilities, and as a young teacher getting taken under the wing by  some influential people teaching me…I feel like it’s my job to give back and teach all these young and forthcoming teachers.”