Science Olympiad Team Competes at Regionals

Salma Elboshra, Staff Writer

On February 22, 10 students from Page High School participated in the Regional Science Olympiad competition at the UNCG campus to “explore the world of science,” as the Science Olympiad motto goes. Before the competition, students meet up to prepare for certain events that all relate to science in some way. Most events only allow two people from a team while a few events allow three people to participate and work together. The students participated in 16 out of the 23 events that were hosted and won 10th place as a team. However, as individuals there were multiple awards given out to members of Page’s team: Sophia Robertson and Marissa Maynard won 1st place in Gravity Vehicle and will be advancing on to States at the end of April to further compete, Noah Robertson and Anthony Corrales won 3rd place in Astronomy, Nicolas Kilp won 4th place in Sounds of Music, and Alex White, Faye Mejia, and Tayo Olofintuyi won 5th place in Codebusters. As a whole, the group improved from last year but hopes to do even better next year and recruit a full team.