Robertson’s Reportings: 3/6 – 3/12

Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back to another week of Robertson’s Reportings! Italy, the worst hit country aside from China, has put its entire country on lockdown. Nearly 10,000 people have been infected by the disease just in the country, and the coronavirus, COVID-19, has been reported in each of Italy’s 20 regions. The Prime Minister ordered people to stay home and get permission for “essential travel.” Additionally, shops can only remain open if customers remain at least three feet apart from one another. Even in the United States, the number of masks, toilet paper rolls, and hand sanitizers are limited.

On Tuesday, March 10, a state of emergency was declared in North Carolina. Well over 100 universities throughout the nation, including the entire UNC system, have been moved to online classes for the rest of the year or at least until April. Northern Guilford was closed on Friday for “additional cleaning.” More coronavirus updates are to come as the virus spreads.

Astronomers recently discovered that a planet 400 light years away may rain iron. The planet is an ultrahot gas giant and is a kind of exoplanet, a planet outside of our solar system. This planet is made of gas, so there is no ground but instead it is covered in puddles of iron. Researchers “suspect that iron raindrops eventually reach depths so hot that they vaporize back into iron gas.”

In a rocket attack in Iraq on March 11, two Americans and one British member were killed and 12 others were injured. The Iraq Security Media Cell claimed that the attack was “a very serious security challenge and hostile act.” The attackers have not yet been identified, but the public has been asked for any clues as to the identity.

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