Robertson’s Reportings: This Week’s COVID-19 Updates

Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back to Robertson’s Reportings! After a short break, the reportings are back. Since the coronavirus is a major source of breaking news every day, most of the upcoming reportings will be focused on this virus, providing updates locally and globally.

On Wednesday, April 1, The New York Times claimed that “humanity faces [the] gravest challenge since World War II.” The number of cases has risen exponentially. As of Wednesday, nearly 900,000 worldwide cases were reported. One month ago, only a few thousand cases were reported. The first case from Wuhan, China, was reported at the end of 2019, merely four months ago. Now, nearly every country has seen cases. The United States, while taking protective measures, is one of the most infected countries, with almost 200,000 confirmed cases. Cases topped one million on Thursday.

In Guilford County and the rest of North Carolina, people have been put on lock down and are only allowed to leave their homes for essential purposes, including visiting and assisting ill family or friends, going to pharmacies, or going to grocery stores. All restaurants are only allowed to participate in take out. The county had 50 confirmed cases and one death. As of the end of March, the death count in North Carolina was up to 10.

Events worldwide have been cancelled. At school, both academic and sporting events have been either postponed or cancelled. Prom was moved to a later date, May 30, as well. Unfortunately, the event taking place will depend on the situation and if things have cleared up by then. School is scheduled to begin again on May 15 but that is subject to change. Officials have informed everyone to wash their hands thoroughly and to not meet up in groups of more than 10. In the meantime, no vaccine has been discovered yet.

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