Robertson’s Reportings: 5/15 – 5/21

Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back to another week of Robertson’s Reportings! Heavy rains in Michigan, which led to the breaching of two major dams, caused massive floods. This flooding forced thousands to evacuate from Midland County. Governor Gretchen Whitmer claimed that the city could be “under nine feet of water.” One of the two breached dams was given an unsatisfactory rating in 2018, after almost 100 years of it standing. The other dam received a fair rating, and it was also built nearly 100 years ago, in 1925. These record floods come amid the COVID-19 pandemic, causing even more challenges for those in Michigan and of the National Guard.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi claimed that President Trump is “morbidly obese,” in response to a question regarding him taking hydroxychloroquine to protect himself against the virus. In response, President Trump stated that she has “mental problems.” Shortly after that, Speaker Pelosi compared the president and some of his top officials to children with “doggy doo” on their shoes. The definition of morbidly obese is 100 pounds over the ideal weight for someone of their age and height. According to the president’s last check up, morbidly obese is not a factual description. Amid a global crisis, there are much more important things to discuss, and most people have agreed with this statement, as both of the politicians’ comments have caused outrage for people on both ends of the political spectrum. 

Phase Two of reopening North Carolina is set to begin on Friday, May 22. In this phase, restaurants, hair salons, and houses of worship can reopen at limited capacity for indoor seating, as opposed to just take-out and delivery. Additionally, public playgrounds and summer camps can reopen. Bars and gyms cannot reopen, despite this being planned for Phase Two. More people will be allowed to meet in one place, but things will still not be completely back to normal. Phase Two is scheduled to last through June 26. 

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