Robertson’s Reportings: 9/4 – 9/10

Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back to Robertson’s Reportings! There have been nearly 100 wildfires across the West Coast over the past few days, leaving at least 10 people dead, including one firefighter, in Oregon, California, and Washington. Almost 500,000 acres have been burned by just one fire called the August Complex. This year, 2.3 million acres of land in California have been destroyed by fires. In many states, the sky has turned to a reddish-orange color because of the fires and their smoke.

Last week, 884,000 people filed for unemployment. Unfortunately, this number was more than the expected 846,000 claims. Last week’s new claims bring the total since the shutdown started to over 60 million. The senior economist of Glassdoor said, “After weeks of steady decline, initial unemployment insurance claims have reversed course for a fourth consecutive week of increases.”

In a park in Knoxville, Tennessee, a tiger was spotted roaming around with no restraints or accompanying zookeeper. Someone reported this to the police, but by the time of response the tiger was gone. The same thing happened the next morning, so the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency set a trap for the animal. However, there was no activity, so it was taken down. Still, the tiger has not been found, and the source of the wild animal is unknown.

In Guilford County, there have been 7,448 cases of COVID-19, along with 174 deaths, since the beginning of the outbreak. There have been nearly six million cases and 200,000 deaths accredited to the coronavirus in the United States. So far, there are five vaccines in Phase 3 of testing that the United States is aware of and has announced to the public. However, some suggest that human trials for the vaccine can take two to three years.

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