Robertson’s Reportings: 9/11 – 9/17

Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back to Robertson’s Reportings! This week, North Carolina felt a minor result of Hurricane Sally, a storm that hit Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. In these states, winds reached 100 miles per hour, and two deaths have been reported so far. Slightly after Sally was at its worst, a new storm called Hurricane Teddy appeared to be moving toward the Gulf Coast, following a similar path as Hurricane Sally. On Thursday, part of Three Mile Bridge in Florida collapsed and went missing, likely to the bottom of the water, because multiple barges, boats carrying tons of goods, hit the side of it. The bridge was having construction done in a $430 million project. Now, it could take months to rebuild the missing part.

President Trump, on Tuesday, declared “the dawn of a new Middle East,” after he signed two deals, one with Israel and the United Arab Emirates and the other with Israel and Bahrain. The deals cover a variety of topics, ranging from tourism to security. The president claimed that other countries want to join in on the deal. 

While fans may not be allowed in some stadiums, sports are beginning to pick back up. The NFL began playing on Saturday. The NCAA will begin basketball the week of Thanksgiving, and college football, the Big Ten, will begin the weekend of October 24 with the championship game being played eight weeks later, on December 19. Practice for NCAA players can begin on October 14, but there is a maximum of 30 practices allowed before the season begins.

Guilford County Schools announced that high school workouts for sports could begin as early as September 28. Cross country and volleyball will begin on September 28, basketball on October 19, and football on November 30, with other sports beginning at the same time or later, depending on the sport’s season. For the first two weeks, there will only be two workouts a week. The next few weeks will be skill practices limited to four days a week, and regular practices will begin soon after. 

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