Mr. Naglee Discusses His Third and Most Unusual Year at Page

Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Mr. Naglee’s third year at Page will surely be unlike any other year. Even though he remains at the school just like his prior years, Mr. Naglee is still getting accustomed to the countless virtual meetings. “I like to interact in person with people,” he claimed during a one-on-one interview, “I want kids in the building…with health and safety as an utmost concern.” He still has the same amount of work as other years, but the school feels very different. He said that the summer months are his least favorite because students and many teachers are not at the school. Now, near the end of Quarter 1, there is the same quietness as the summer.

This year, Mr. Naglee has most of the same jobs as principal before school turned virtual, but he goes about them in a different

Photo from Greensboro 101

way. Instead of walking to a class and observing the teacher, he joins Microsoft Teams meetings. Additionally, he offers suggestions to teachers about what they are doing and could improve on in the virtual environment. Mr. Naglee and other administrators throughout the county monitor how many students log onto Canvas daily, and they see which classes students log onto most frequently and which classes students log onto least frequently.

Cross country and volleyball began the last week of September, and other sports plan to follow shortly after with a modified schedule for practice and games. There will be a condensed playing season so that all students can have an opportunity to play at least some of their sport’s season. Mr. Naglee also announced that a few clubs have been posted on the Page website. While clubs will be virtual, they will resume shortly and are in the process of recruiting new members.

This year, planned improvements to Page are taking the “backseat.” The main focus is adapting to the situation and teaching in a new way, along with providing all students in need of a computer with one for the first time at the high school level. Mr. Naglee made a few last remarks in response to the question of what he would like to tell the Page community: “As we all know, this year will look quite different, but we’re continuing to try to put things into place, whether that be extracurriculars, clubs, sports, whether that be to improve on our instruction virtually and then hopefully be back here at school as soon as possible…with health and safety in mind.” He also said that this year, despite these circumstances, will still be a great year, and the students, staff, and families of Page will continue to do great things.