Robertson’s Reportings: 10/2 – 10/8

Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back to another week of Robertson’s Reportings! On Thursday, October 1, President Trump was taken to a hospital to receive treatment after he was diagnosed with COVID-19. He was back in the White House by Saturday and claimed to be feeling much better. The President also stated that some of the drugs being used for treatment were “miracles coming down from God.” He added that doing a virtual debate after his recovery, a possibility that the Commission on Presidential Debates is deeply considering, would be a joke that he does not plan to waste his time on.

On October 8, one week after the president’s diagnosis, Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris had their only debate for the 2020 election. Spaced 12 feet apart with only a small, socially distanced crowd, each candidate had two minutes to respond to questions asked by the moderator, Susan Page. These questions related to a broad variety of topics including climate change and the virus. The debate lasted about an hour and a half, and according to one news source, “the two nominees were significantly more cordial than Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden were to each other in their first presidential debate.” During the debate, Senator Harris claimed that the Trump administration withheld important virus information, and Vice President Pence stated that Senator Harris needed to stop playing with politics and people’s lives. Most topics were heavy, but a viral fly landed on Vice President Pence’s head for nearly two minutes in the middle of the debate, making everything seem a little more lighthearted.

Guitarist of Van Halen, Eddie Van Halen, died at the age of 65 earlier this week from cancer complications. His lung cancer had rapidly moved to his brain and other organs. Van Halen was formed in 1972 by Eddie and his brother, Alex. One of their most famous songs is “Panama”, and Eddie even performed the famous guitar solo in one of Michael Jackson’s songs, “Beat it”.

Another storm, Hurricane Delta, will soon make landfall in and around Louisiana. The hurricane became a Category 2 with expected 100 mile per hour winds. There is a possibility that the storm will strengthen to Category 3 or higher. In addition, the storm will likely hit the same area that Hurricane Laura hit at the end of August. However, we expect to see some rain next week but no major effects locally.

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