Mr. Naglee Becomes Third Page Principal to Win GCS Principal of the Year


Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Mr. Naglee and four other principals from Guilford County Schools walked into the GCS Celebration of Excellence on October 9 as finalists for the Principal of the Year Award, but only one walked out as Principal of the Year. After two years of being a finalist, congratulations, Mr. Naglee, for becoming Principal of the 2020-2021 school year!

Superintendent Sharon Contreras stated at the ceremony that Mr. Naglee “personifies the vision of GCS to transform learning and life outcomes for students.” During his acceptance speech, Mr. Naglee thanked many people, but his most emotional thanks was to his wife. He stated that he was “incredibly honored and humbled.” As a conclusion, Mr. Naglee said,“I appreciate all the educators out there that are doing all the different things that they are doing to serve our students each and every day…Go Pirates!” 

From the Page graduating class of 2020, current Duke student and athlete Isaiah Fisher-Smith commented on Mr. Naglee’s accomplishment. He said that Mr. Naglee is one of the hardest working people that he has ever met and “he is all about business and getting the job done in the best way possible.” In Fisher-Smith’s two years at Page with Mr. Naglee as principal, he noted that Mr. Naglee “always made sure students were working hard and doing what they were supposed to be doing and not settle for the bare minimum.”

Current Page Math Teacher and Mu Alpha Leader Mr. Pielow added, “The amount of time and effort that Mr. Naglee puts into ensuring that all students have the opportunity to learn is phenomenal. He leads by an awesome example and I cannot think of a more deserving person to win the GCS Principal of the year than Mr. Naglee.” After 29 years as a teacher, Mr. Pielow believes that Mr. Naglee is “top notch” and is a great motivator because he has high expectations for himself to make Page the best that it can be. 

Similarly, Ms. Molpus from the front office said, “Mr. Naglee shows his commitment and  dedication to the students every single day. He has tremendous passion for his job and Page High School and sets a great example of work ethic!”

Mrs. Abell, both a parent and teacher of Page, also gave her input on the award. “As a parent, I want my child to be safe, be challenged, and be successful. At Page I have found all these to be true under the direct leadership of Mr. Naglee…Page is not easy but the staff under his leadership is compassionate and caring. When a student, no matter who that child is, struggles the whole school helps to make success happen,” the social studies teacher observed, “Students are in class and on task. He takes the time to make sure that all students have the opportunity to get an education. He is often seen driving to a student’s house to make sure they have the ability to get to school and be successful.”

Mr. Clendenin, the third principal (1970-1991) from Page who oversaw its desegregation, won the equivalent of this award at the time. The only other Page principal to receive the award aside from Mr. Clendenin and Mr. Naglee was Dr. Terry Worrell in the 2002-2003 school year. There are 125 schools currently in Guilford County, so congratulations Mr. Naglee on this very special achievement!