National Honor Society Inducts Over 100 Seniors at Page

Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Last week, Page’s National Honor Society inducted 106 new members. The requirements to apply for the society are a weighted GPA of 3.5 or higher, leadership achievements, service participation, and a good evaluation of character. According to the NHS website, “You excel. You serve. You lead. You succeed. You have a true thirst for challenge and accomplishment.” This year, only seniors were inducted, but that is only the Page policy. The policy for the official National Honor Society is that students in tenth grade and up can be inducted. At Page, current juniors will apply in February so that they can be inducted next year.

Mr. McGehee, a history teacher and golf coach at Page, has been the National Honor Society advisor for eight years. Before he took this high position, he was on the faculty council for NHS. When asked what his favorite part about being a part of the honor society, he said that his favorite part was seeing the students get accepted. “It’s such an honor,” Mr. McGehee said, “and really a credit to their hard work over their high school tenures.” Mr. McGehee also enjoys giving back to the community through service that the Page NHS members participate in, as service is a major component of the National Honor Society. 

The group’s first meeting will be in December. However, things will definitely look different this year. Meetings will be virtual, and the society will “have to look outside of the box in terms of service.” Mr. McGehee said that he has a few ideas on service opportunities despite the virus, particularly ideas about peer tutoring for service hours. A list of the inducted members has been provided below. Congratulations, Pirates!


Tania Adams

Sharmaine Agamata

Raneem Al-Habsha

Emily Ally

Rumsha Amin

Bode Aucoin

Niya Barrow

Emily Beaupre

John Biesecker

Olivia Caldwell

Emma Carpenter

Tyler Carter

Turner Chamblee

Lily Cox

Grace Dehenny

Jackson Dehenny

Marion Dewey

Grace Dunaway

Calvin Dunham

Anna Stewart Edmonds

Samuel Edwards

Winston Eskridge

Samaria Etheridge

Jessica Evans

Brooks Farabow

Meredith Fennie

Caitlin Fleming

Anson Galipeau

Hayden Gentry

Jynae Gilyard

Elena Granowsky

Bianca Gregory

Sarah Grubb

Rachel Guenther

Madeline Guyer

Mary Claire Haldeman

Ruth Hale

Aziah Hauser

Lillian Hayes

Eva Hecht

Maggie Heckman

Flinn Hering

Joshua Hester

Kayla Hinson

Caroline Hunt

Kate Hunter

Adrian Ivey

Courtney Jones

Ellie Jones

Delaney Jones

Charles Richard Jones IV

Dyllan Keys

Ella Kimbrough

Breghan Klaber

Connor Lacz

Corinne Lile-King

Ethan Long

Sydney Long

Lilian Luecking

Nicole Markovics

Sam Martin

Reagan Maynard

Henry McAlister

Joshua McCauley

Jackson McGarrigan

Isiah McGirt

Carley Meier

Tanaya Melton

Gabriela  Miranda

Michael Mitchum

Dylan Mocharnuk

Katherine Moore

Isabelle Moore

Page Moton

Jason Mundy

Jayna Newman

Will Niven

Sophie Nutt

Alivia Parker

Cambell Pfister

Andrew Plate

John Poland

Henry Logan Porter

Tanner Price

James Prisock

Luke Rascoe

Kelly Rcom

Scott Richardson

Rosa Sackett

Kimberly Sepessy

Harper Shephard

Baxter Smelzer

Trinity Smith

Grayson Smith

Anna Souhan

Holly Spong

Luke Starkey

Thomas Stewart

Aniya Taylor

Victoria Vernon

Benjamin Votaw

Cameron Walters

Imari Wiggins

Caroline Wilson

Ayonti Womack

Walt Wright