Robertson’s Reportings: 12/11 – 12/17

Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back to Robertson’s Reportings! Every week, Robertson’s Reportings turns out to have many stories about pain, destruction, or highly debated politics. As we jump into the season of giving, I wanted to focus on all of the good things that happen in the world, so all of the stories that I have included, while they may not be breaking news, are stories of good.

After a winter storm filled New York with snow, a NYPD police officer was trying to get into his patrol car. He had to shovel away feet of snow in order to do so, but when a kind citizen saw this, he stepped in. The two of them dug the vehicle out of the two feet of snow. In response to this, a NYPD officer claimed that “this is what New Yorkers do.”

Two waitresses in Maryland were shocked to see that a customer had left a $2,020 tip on a $30 meal. Maryland is tightening its COVID-19 restrictions until January, which meant that restaurants would be closing and the staff would be out of work. In response to this, the kind customer decided to give the waitresses a good “2020.” On the check, the anonymous customer wrote, “Good luck! Stay well!”

At a Dairy Queen drive thru in Minnesota, a “pay it forward” chain lasted for 900  customers and three days. One man decided that he wanted to pay for the meal of the car behind him. In response, the next car paid for the next car and so on. The DQ manager claimed that she had seen this last for 15 to 20 cars before, but never anything close to 900.

A man in Pennsylvania purchased 30 Christmas trees, gift cards, and candy canes to give to families in need. After buying the trees, the man and his family posted to Facebook a location where they would distribute the trees, and it was a success. The man spent over $1,000 on Christmas trees, plus money for the other goodies, but he claimed that it was all worth it. 

See you next time on Robertson’s Reportings, coverage you can count on!