Robertson’s Reportings: Chaos at the Capitol, School Updates

Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back to the first Robertson’s Reportings of 2021! On Thursday and Friday, the biggest story on the news was the chaos erupting at the Capitol building. The Senate and House of Representatives were meeting to debate the electoral college votes for the 2020 presidential election. Early in the day, protesters littered the streets leading to the Capitol, but after a few hours the protesting turned violent. Pro-Trump Americans, reportedly encouraged by president’s rally earlier in the day, breached the Capitol by breaking through windows and entering the building. President Trump Tweeted later in the day to “remain peaceful,” but his social media accounts were suspended for a short period of time. The Secret Service was deployed in order to restrain the Americans, but this did not stop the protesters. The politicians in the Capitol were forced to evacuate wearing gas masks to protect themselves from tear gas that the police unleashed.

A six p.m. curfew was put into place in Washington D.C, and eventually the Senators and House of Representatives reconvened, deciding that Joe Biden will take office on January 20. After the chaotic day, many White House aides resigned. Fox News reported that a “mass resignation” is possible as a result of the security breach.

All Guilford County Schools decided to cancel in-person learning on Friday due to the possibility of inclement weather. According to the Weather Channel, snow is supposed to begin falling early Friday morning, accumulating 3-5 inches throughout the day. The schedule change will only affect elementary school students because they are the only ones who have returned to in-person learning. Everyone in Guilford County Schools will have a day of distance learning. 

Guilford County Schools high schoolers and middle schoolers are still scheduled to return in late January. For high schoolers, that is only two weeks from Thursday, January 6. Governor Roy Cooper had a press conference on Wednesday regarding the North Carolina restrictions. In fact, he extended the restrictions in place, such as the ten p.m. curfew, for three more weeks. However, he did not address the return to school, so it is completely up to Guilford County Schools to decide whether or not to follow through with the scheduled return to in-person.

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