Robertson’s Reportings: FBI Agents Killed, UFO Sightings

Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back to Robertson’s Reportings! On Tuesday, a group of FBI agents was executing a warrant for crimes against children in Sunrise, Florida when shots were fired. While the investigation is still underway, the FBI announced that two agents were killed and three were injured. Special Agents Daniel Alfin and Laura Schwartzenberger were the agents killed. In his case involving part of the dark web that was used to sexually exploit children, Alfin and his team arrested 350 people in the U.S. and aided in the identification or rescue of 55 children. Schwartzenberer also devoted her life to cases regarding crimes against children. When she was not on a case, she taught local children about cyber safety. Both agents are survived by their spouses and children.

Last weekend, a mysterious cluster of lights was spotted over Charlotte. One woman who saw the lights stated, “My initial thought when I saw the lights was it was the helicopters in the distance, but as the lights got closer there was no sound. Then they went straight up into the sky and disappeared. No smoke, no debris.” People speculated that the lights came from a UFO, a SpaceX rocket, or anything in between, but nobody is sure. Many people who keep track of UFO sightings claimed that 2020 was the best year for UFO coverage. Could it be?

A fast-moving snowstorm hit the Northeast earlier in the week. Parts of Pennsylvania saw two feet of snow. While there was a small break for sunshine in the middle of the week, other winter storms are predicted for the same area.

On a lighter note, a cat was reunited with her owner after being lost and 7,000 miles away. A couple recently moved from South Korea, where they had been stationed for the husband’s duty as an Army medic, to Georgia. During a stop on the way to the airport, the cat jumped out of the car and escaped, unable to be found. After posting on social media from Georgia and offering a large reward, the couple finally received a hit. Cauliflower had been found, but they needed a way to get him from South Korea to Georgia. The couple contacted a man in the military who was flying to Atlanta from South Korea, and he brought Cauliflower home.

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