Learning Hubs Available Beginning February 8

Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

At their most recent GCS Board of Education meeting, the school board announced that learning hubs will be available for students at risk of not graduating. These hubs will provide targeted support by teachers and staff. For example, if a student is failing math, staff members will help the student complete their math coursework during the session. Chief Academic Officer Whitney Oakley stated, “Students will…design their own learning plans to support their needs.” She also noted that North Carolina has not waived for standardized testing even though the tests are required to be in-person, making learning hubs crucial to preparation for exams at the end of the year. Last fall, 40% of Guilford County Schools students were failing, whereas during the fall of 2019 that number was only 29%. Whether it is difficulty with having motivation or difficulty learning in a virtual setting, students are struggling with online learning.

Beginning on February 8, 15 schools will have learning hubs five days a week for ninth through twelfth graders who are at risk of not graduating. During the last two weeks of January, principals and counselors should have reached out to the families of students who need support. Each school will have about 50 students per session, but the students will be spread out in labs where social distancing is possible. As another safety measure, there will be COVID-19 screenings upon entry. Bus transportation, breakfast, and lunch will be available to these students, and time sessions will be flexible so that as many students as possible can participate. For more information about learning hubs, visit this page.