Crazy Weather in the Triad and More to Come

Hayden Creech, Staff Writer

Over 55,700 people in Guilford County alone were without power this weekend, many of whom are still without power. After a rainy and overcast week, this weekend brought record ice. The common consensus is that this is the largest ice storm in our area since 2014. The highly saturated soil plus the weight of frozen branches led to large numbers of fallen trees; damaging homes, cars, and power lines. Lawndale and Walker Avenue were among many of the streets closed in Greensboro this weekend, with large trees and fallen powerlines in the middle of the road. Multiple cars were hit by said trees on Saturday morning by those driving along Walker Avenue, and many more accidents occurred at homes throughout the triad.

Temperatures should be in the 40s and 50s following the weekend’s debacle, but this crazy weather isn’t over. Another ¼ inch of ice is expected Thursday with a 98% chance of rain and temperatures in the lower 30s. Rain chances will decrease significantly over the weekend, but Thursday is expected to lead to further power outages and more tree damage. For those 4,000 still without power, Thursday could further extend their outage, which is dangerous in such low temperatures.