Robertson’s Reportings: Relaxed NC Restrictions, Ecuador Prison Riots

Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back to Robertson’s Reportings! On his way to the filming of a golf documentary, professional golfer Tiger Woods was involved in a car accident. Woods is lucky to be alive, as his right leg was shattered and his car destroyed. The sheriff who investigated the accident looked for signs of impairment or reckless driving, but there was no evidence for either. With that being said, Woods will not have criminal charges, but he does have a long road ahead of him. In an emergency surgery, a rod was put into Woods’ leg, but even with that there are more surgeries and physical therapy to come. 

With a decreasing number of COVID-19 cases, NC Governor Roy Cooper eased restrictions. After months of a 10 PM to 5 AM curfew, there will not be a curfew. The number of people who can gather indoors has increased from 10 to 25 people, while the number of people who can gather outdoors remains at 50. Businesses have also increased their capacities as long as the limit of 250 people per indoor space is not exceeded. Movie theaters, sports arenas, and amusement parks cannot exceed 30% capacity, and restaurants, pools, gyms, and retailers cannot exceed 50% capacity. 

While the most common severe side effects for COVID-19 vaccines are only fatigue, headaches, muscle pain, chills, and injection site pain, Colorado has reported that some women’s lymph nodes have swollen after getting injected. This swelling can also be a sign of breast cancer, causing some women to panic. Luckily, the swelling of lymph nodes is a sign that the immune system is being activated, which means that the vaccine is working. A medical expert who saw these symptoms in Colorado advised women to not panic, but instead “get a COVID-19 vaccination and a mammogram, both are important for [their] health.”

Gang clashes in prisons in three different cities in Ecuador left 79 people dead as of Wednesday. Prisons in Ecuador are extremely overpopulated. While many are meant to house only 27,000 criminals, the numbers actually reach about 38,000. In addition to this, members of the same gang were housed together, which “is a recipe for violence” and “is kind of cardinal rule No. 1 not to do because their practices continue within the prisons,” said a professor from Brooklyn College. Since Wednesday night, the riots have been under control. 

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