Robertson’s Reportings: Reopening America, Tragedy in Bolivia

Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back to Robertson’s Reportings! Texas and Mississippi announced that they are lifting the mask mandate and allowing businesses to open at 100% capacity. Texas Governor Greg Abbott Tweeted, “Texas is OPEN 100%. EVERYTHING.” Texas COVID-19 cases are at their lowest point since November, and in Mississippi the weekly average of cases is only 541, which is the lowest number since the beginning of October. Of course, there has been backlash from those concerned about health issues associated with fully reopening, but others are happy to finally be returning to normal. 

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been under fire after reportedly covering up thousands of COVID-19 deaths that occured in New York nursing homes. Amid all of this, three women came forward and accused him of sexual harassment. The three women, two who worked with Cuomo and another who met him at a friend’s wedding reception, claimed that he asked about kissing them or did so without asking, suggested playing strip poker, or touched the unwilling women on the face or back. A photo that one woman, Anna Ruch, released showed the governor touching her face while she looked at him uncomfortably. Investigations on both of these issues relating to Cuomo are underway, but he claimed that the advances were just “playful.”

A railing four stories high at the Public University of El Alto fell apart as a mass of students waited for an assembly in the financial sciences building. A video shows exactly what happened: A part of the balcony gave way, and seven students fell to their deaths while at least four others were injured. Before watching the video, a disclaimer reads, “Warning: Distressing Content,” because it’s terrifying seeing students being involved in a freak accident like this, not knowing that in minutes they would plunge into the concrete. It’s especially disconcerting to see one girl hanging off the balcony while another student heroically held onto her, barely saving her life. The victims range from the ages of 19 to 27, and an investigation is taking place to understand how this could have happened.

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