Robertson’s Reportings: A Difficult Week for America

Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back to another week of Robertson’s Reportings. A shooting at King Soopers, a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, left 10 victims dead on Monday. One victim was the first police officer on site who left seven children behind, and the other nine victims were shoppers in the grocery store who were aged between 20 and 65. The suspect appeared in court on Thursday morning after being arrested at the scene and receiving medical attention for a gunshot wound in his leg. However, as officials in Boulder have stated in regards to the shooting, it’s important that the nation recognizes and honors the victims instead of focusing on the killer. This shooting came only a week after eight people were killed in spas in Atlanta.

At the border between the United States and America, there has been an influx of immigrants coming into America, and many have tested positive for COVID-19. Democrats are calling this a “humanitarian crisis,” while Republicans dubbed it the “crisis at the border” for a different reason. A recent poll indicates that 50% of Americans view the situation at the border as a crisis, 34% view it as a problem but not a crisis, 9% said neither, and 8% said they did not know. When Vice President Kamala Harris was asked if she would be going to the border to see how bad things really are, she laughed and said that she would not be going now, but she was asked to lead the federal government’s immigration effort merely a few days later. Harris and the team plan to focus on a short term way to curb the flow of immigration and create a long term plan to address the causes of immigration.

President Joe Biden held his first press conference as president on Thursday, March 24. The president announced that he was increasing the vaccine goal to 200 million vaccines being administered by his 100th day in office. Today marks his 65th day. He also announced that he plans on running for reelection in 2024. There were no questions received regarding COVID-19, but the immigration issue was brought up. President Biden claimed that the influx of immigrants was seasonal, and he stated that “nothing has changed” in the last few years. 

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