NC Proposes a Hands-Free Driving Bill


Hayden Creech, Staff Writer

As a freshman who just finished Driver’s Ed, I thought I had heard just about every texting and driving warning there was. I was sick of hearing the same thing over and over. But, with our current legislation, these warnings are more necessary than I understood. Drivers are still technically allowed to post on social media, record videos, type in navigation apps, turn on music, and interact with hands-free displays. Anyone operating a motor vehicle over the age of 18 is only prohibited from texting and emailing under current state laws. A cell phone is a dangerous distraction, regardless of how it is being used. 

With 23% of traffic accidents being caused by cell phones, North Carolina is following in the footsteps of neighboring states and tightening restrictions. A hands-free bill is currently making its way through the Senate, with 90% of polled voters hoping it will make it through to Governor Cooper. If passed, drivers won’t be able to touch their phone at all. One-touch apps won’t be used, phones won’t be propped against shoulders or set on legs, and video-taping or posting on social media won’t be allowed. 

Just because drivers 18 and under have to adhere to hands-free driving rules already doesn’t mean that this bill doesn’t impact us. Every time we get out on the road, our lives are put further at risk by adults who are distracted while driving. Cell phones aren’t worth a life, and it is about time that our laws reflected that sentiment. 


Photo Credits: Port City Daily