Pirate Radio, the Official Radio Station for Page High


Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

For the first time in Page history, a radio station for “anything and everything related to Page High School and its people” has been created. Pirate Radio, which can be found here, is the official radio station for Page. The first episode, “The Reopening,” aired one month ago, and the second and most recent episode, “Interview with Mrs. Conte,” was released about two weeks ago. Junior Cameron Jones originally had the idea for creating Pirate Radio when he was listening to a podcast produced by prisoners at San Quentin State Prison. The personal and do-it-yourself qualities of the podcast, along with his interest in mixing boards and digital audio workstations, inspired him to create something similar for the Page community. 

In an interview with Jones, he stated that his focus is on improving the quality of the radio station, rather than focusing on producing a large quantity of mediocre content. Members of the Pirate Radio team hope to upload episodes once every two weeks, but that is subject to change depending on the episode being produced and other factors. 

Jones is “nervous and excited” about the growth of the club and station, and he hopes that it will continue after he graduates. However, he wanted to note that it’s definitely not a one man job. Mr. Pielow has been crucial to setting the station up, while Michael Whittington, Maggie Ballard, and Louriya Thomas have also been important contributors. 

The club primarily communicates through text and email, so there are not formal, in-person meetings. If you are interested in being a part of the team or have ideas for new episodes, direct message @pagepirateradio on Instagram or email [email protected]