It’s Testing Time Already, Here is What You Need to Know


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College boy and his fellow students taking a test

Hayden Creech, Staff Writer

April has flown by and before we know it, we will be enjoying the freedom of summer. Between now and vacation, however, are our final exams. That has been uncertainty this year due to COVID-19, but we will be taking most of the tests that we usually would. There is an exam exemption form on the Page’s website that allows students with a 70% or higher to opt-out of one non-required exam. Classes like sociology and chorus that aren’t AP, IB, EOC, NCFE, CTE, or state-required courses are the only ones that students can be exempt from. The full list of applicable courses is on the homepage as well.

For all other classes, tests will still be taken and will still count as a grade. EOCs account for 20% of your grade and GCS Final Exams account for 10%. Social studies and science courses, as well as English 1, 3, 4, and Math 2 classes that are typically tested with NCFEs, will now be GCFEs (GCS Final Exams).

Other than AP and IB projects, all final exams will be taken in person. The schedule is on the homepage and notes which days have early dismissal and which tests are on what days. Testing will start on May 20 and end on May 28, with June 1, 2, and 3 reserved for make-up tests.

While May 20th seems to be getting super close, don’t let these tests stress you out. After all, you will be given either a 60, your actual exam grade, or the average of your grade for semesters one and two, whatever is higher. Study hard and pay attention, but know that we are in the home stretch. We’ve got this, Pirates!


Photo Credits: EdSource