Positive Lunch Changes Benefit Everyone

Kaya Johnson, Staff Writer

Page tries a new lunch plan adding an extra 15 minutes to lunch. Covid has had negative effects on our lunch experience this year. Staying in the classroom to eat everyday, one half of the class gets to eat at a time, lasting only 15 minutes. If you leave campus for lunch half of your lunch is spent walking to your car and waiting to get out of the parking lot.


Now with lunch being 45 minutes long it gives students more opportunity’s whether they stay on campus or go out for lunch. The extra 15 minutes gives people more time to eat. The cafeteria being partially open allows students to move around, get out the classroom and get to know their school better. A large number of underclassmen didn’t even know that was the cafeteria. If you leave campus, you have time to get where you need to go and have enough extra time to eat and chill before going to class.


There has been positive feed back from students and staff. When asked for the number off tardies after lunch has went down, Principal Naglee stated “ Oh yes!!!, they are getting better and better everyday with being on time.” Freshman Samantha Fields “more time to talk to friends”. Senior Steven Butler “better then the 30 minutes….”