Robertson’s Reportings: Astronauts Return to Earth, Rockefeller Christmas Tree


Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

On Monday, November 8, four astronauts returned to Earth after a 200 day flight to space. The astronauts were NASA’s Megan McArthur and Shane Kimbrough, Akihiko Hoshide of Japan, and Frenchman Thomas Pesquet from the European Space Agency. While the trip was an amazing experience and safety executed, Kimbrough stated, “It’s great to be back on Earth.” The next SpaceX crew will spend six months in space. 

The 79-foot Rockefeller Christmas Tree for 2021 was cut down from Elkton, Maryland earlier this week. The tree has been standing for roughly 85 years, and the cutting of the tree was a ceremony itself. The couple who owned the tree stated that “it was perhaps the most activity they’ve seen in the 31 years they’ve lived there.” This is the first tree from Maryland to be used for the Rockefeller Center Christmas. 

A war memorial in British Columbia was defaced before celebrations began for Remembrance Day on Thursday. Green spray paint read, “The real heroes are the vaccinated.” The City of Cranbrook posted a frustrated message to Facebook: “As a community, we are beyond disappointed by the disrespectful actions of those responsible for defacing such an important monument on such an important day for all Canadians.” Fortunately, events like this can bring communities closer together. The city was able to clear the memorial of the message before an event later in the day on November 11.

The pandemic has not only affected high school students, but it has had a huge impact on college students. Enrollment in colleges and universities in the United States is on track to drop by approximately 500,000 students. While enrollment has decreased since 2012, the pandemic caused even more students to refrain from enrolling in college.

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Photo Credits: WBFF