Robertson’s Reportings: Miss South Africa Controversy, Gang Fights in Ecuador


Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back to another week of Robertson’s Reportings! The South African government withdrew its support for the Miss South Africa pageant after the pageant’s staff declared its planned participation in the Miss Universe 2021 contest. This global contest is set to be held in Israel at the end of the year. The government does not want South Africa’s winner, Lalela Mswane, to participate in order to protest Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians. The African National Congress warned that “the damage to [Mswane’s] reputation will far exceed any glamour that may arise.” Mswane has not publicly announced whether she will participate in the pageant or not.

A gang fight in an Ecuador prison left 68 people dead. The violence lasted for approximately eight hours at the Litoral Penitentiary, and it took almost 1,000 law enforcement officers to diffuse the situation. The inmates used guns and explosives to attack rival gangs. Merely two months ago, 119 people were killed in Ecuador prisons after another bloody attack. Ecuador’s governor expects aid from various countries including Colombia, the United States, Israel, and Spain. A freight scanner alone costs four million dollars, but this will prevent the entry of arms into the penitentiary. 

President Biden’s power was briefly transferred to Vice President Kamala Harris during a routine colonoscopy in which the president was put under anesthesia. Many people were concerned with President Biden’s routine checkup due to his age, as he turns 79 on Saturday, but he claimed to be feeling “great” after leaving the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The president’s doctors will release a “comprehensive written summary” of his physical shortly.

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Photo Credits: Yahoo News