Robertson’s Reportings: Tornado Updates, Ban on Laughing in North Korea


Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back to Robertson’s Reportings! This week is the final week of reportings of 2021, so let’s dive right in. Kentucky’s recent tornado outbreak has caused the deaths of 74 people, including 12 children. At least 100 more are missing, and over 1,000 homes have been swept away. The damage is going to take years to fix, but communities across the country have come together to help those affected by the tornadoes. Many local businesses and churches are collecting donations for the victims.

The first NASA spacecraft has officially touched the sun. This spacecraft, called the Parker Solar Probe, flew through the corona, an unexplored solar atmosphere. It took several months to confirm this news, but scientists have officially determined these findings. This is a huge accomplishment considering the severe conditions around the sun, but fortunately the mission went smoothly. 

Beginning on December 17, the mourning period for North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong Un’s father, will begin and last 10 days. North Koreans are forbidden to drink alcohol, laugh, or take part in leisure activities. Grocery shopping is also banned on December 17, and citizens are not allowed to celebrate their birthday to “ensure an appropriate mood for the mourning period.”

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