Robertson’s Reportings: Decrease in Netflix Interest, Two Years of Pandemic Life


Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back to another week of Robertson’s Reportings! An American Airlines flight destined for London turned around mid-flight to return to Miami due to “a disruptive customer refusing to comply with the federal mask requirement.” The flight landed in Miami an hour and 48 minutes after the initial takeoff. Upon the return, the customer was escorted off the plan. Nearly 150 people were on the plan, so this incident was a major inconvenience. This year, 151 disruptive passengers have been reported, and the majority of these occurrences have been related to masks. 

Unsurprisingly, interest in Netflix increased dramatically during the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. However, Netflix only added under 20 million members in 2021, which is approximately half the number of new members in 2020. This year is looking worse for Netflix, as the firm claimed that “it expected to add just 2.5 million members in the three months to March – far lower than analysts had expected.” Although numbers are down this year, Netflix is still a billion dollar company, so don’t fear: it won’t be going away anytime soon. 

The CDC reported the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in the United States on January 20, 2020. Thursday marked the two year anniversary of this tragic day. It’s shocking to think that COVID-19 hit America two full years ago because the time has flown by, and the fact that this illness has been rampant for so long is disheartening. However, there are good aspects of the pandemic. For instance, air quality and water pollution has decreased in many different parts of the world due to a decreased amount of human activity and car usage. People have also learned to take advantage of the time that they have with their families, and many individuals have developed new hobbies. Two years into the pandemic, let’s try to be optimistic. The human race has survived several other pandemics, including ones much more severe than COVID-19. We will undoubtedly get through this, whether it takes two more months or two more years.

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Photo Credits: Unsplash