Robertson’s Reportings: Invasion of Ukraine, New GCS Plans


Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back to another week of Robertson’s Reportings! 

This week, one piece of news has seemingly outshadowed all other stories: Russia has invaded Ukraine in an act of war. This is the first act of war within Europe in decades, so it’s something that our generation hasn’t seen before. Beginning on Friday, Russian airstrikes and other forces targeted Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital. These forces are closing in, and the death toll in Ukraine is rising as a result of “Putin’s attempt to redraw the map of Europe.” Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that attempts by other countries to interfere would “lead to consequences [they] have never seen in history.”

On Thursday, February 17, the Guilford County Board of Health voted to repeal the county’s mask mandate. Earlier in the day, Governor Roy Cooper “urged all municipalities, as well as schools, across the state to repeal the requirements,” so the board’s vote was unanimous, 7-0. Similarly, the Guilford County Board of Education met the following Monday, voting to make masks optional for students and teachers. Masks are still required on GCS buses and public transportation due to the CDC requirement.

Guilford County Schools released a plan to rebuild 22 schools and renovate 19 others. While $300 million has already been approved, the plan calls for $2 billion. The $300 million will only cover eight schools, so voters will make their decision in March of this year to determine whether the other $1.7 billion will be appropriated to GCS. In addition to creating nicer facilities, this plan will create 20,000 local jobs. 

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Photo Credits: DW