Robertson’s Reportings: Will Smith’s Violent Outburst, First NC Deer With Chronic Wasting Disease


Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back to another week of Robertson’s Reportings! By now, everyone has heard about the shocking event at the Oscars in which Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock on stage after Rock made a joke about Smith’s wife. According to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, Smith refused to leave the ceremony even though he was asked to leave. After the incident, Smith won an award for Best Actor from his role in King Richard, going back onstage to receive his trophy and give an acceptance speech. The audience of Hollywood stars applauded Smith, although once the night was over many stars turned on him, calling his actions embarrassing and toxic. There is a possibility that Smith will be charged with a misdemeanor battery.

The first deer with Chronic Wasting Disease has been discovered in North Carolina. This disease, which causes spongy holes to form in the brain, is always fatal. This disease has been found in many other animals such as the North American elk, reindeer, and moose. According to Brad Howard, the Chief of the Wildlife Commission’s Wildlife Management Division, “Although the detection of CWD is bad news, we have been preparing for this possibility for decades. Our long-term goal is to protect our deer herd and our deer hunting culture. Achieving that goal means we must work with our constituents to implement our response plan and refine our long-term management strategy,”

In order to “promote gender inclusion,” Disney is removing the words “boys” and “girls” from park greetings. Cast members will be trained to say “hello, everyone” or “hello, friends.” They have also been told to address the visitors as “dreamers of all ages” as opposed to “ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.” Unsurprisingly, this has caused plenty of backlash and controversy.

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Photo Credits: Carolina Sportsman