Welcoming Page’s Newest Administrator: Mr. Canty

Natalie Scott, Staff Writer

I recently had an interview with the new administrator at Page High school- Mr. Domieka Canty. He is a big sports fan. He loves basketball and roots for the Warriors. He also is a big Washington Red Skins football fan. He is from Kingston, North Carolina and was born in the late 70’s. His dream vacation is to go to Hawaii. He has three children, named Darias, Lily Grace, and Gabriel. He has a dog named Simba that is a Poodle/Pomeranian mixed with a Pekingese. He is married to a lovely wife, and they will be married 20 years in December. His dream job when he was younger was to be associated with business. I had a wonderful time interviewing Domieka Canty, and it was incredibly fun talking with him.