Hurricane Ian, WNBA Success, and Climate Change: Weekly News of 9/26


Mazin Dargol, Staff Writer

With Hurricane Ian moving its way across the Floridian peninsula and to North Carolina later this weekend, it’s no surprise people are evacuating and stocking up on essential goods and equipment to prepare for the worst. Possible power outages, catastrophic flooding, and strong winds are all expected outcomes of Hurricane Ian, and people should respond with utmost urgency for the safety of civilians and surrounding infrastructure.

For sports for this week- the United States Women’s Basketball team has broken the record for the 27th straight Fiba World cup win, an exemplary performance by the national team. Regarding talks and criticism of the WNBA, this is a push forward for Women’s basketball on the national level.

Climate change, a very controversial yet informative topic in the modern world. Our environment is an important place that should be sustained and taken care of but now through recent discovery that many viruses are caused because of climate change. Scientists have said that new viruses such as monkeypox and the rate that they’ve spread at is due to climate change and temperature alterations in our atmosphere, and is expected to worsen as the years pass.

As for stocks and the Stock Market- financial gurus and Wall Street enthusiasts inform us on the current state of the financial market. With many unpredictabilities and data and constant fluctuations in the digital market place, a lot of these investors are blaming the Federal Reserve for the 20% decrease in major stock indexes and the negative effects of central banks on the impacts of inflation.