Weakness in Russia, Oil Cuts, and Stink Bug Invasions: Weekly News of 10/2


Mazin Dargol, Staff Writer

With the ongoing Ukraine crisis against Russia, it was revealed that Vladimir Putin (the President of Russia) has been weakened in the face of Ukraine planning an attack. This news for many Russian citizens means a possible advance in conflict and possibility of a temporary draft. This fear is causing many Russian citizens to flee the country whilst Ukraine slowly rebuilds from the multiple damages caused since February of this year.

In terms of global health and the sudden resurgence of Covid cases in Europe, early signs have been detected of much smaller-but critical-spikes here in the United States. Though statistics show the receding number of cases, scientists advice people to be cautious of a possible third outbreak as the winter season settles.

Earlier this week, an alliance of the world’s top producing oil countries met to talk about the ongoing affect of oil on their respective economies. The alliance, led by Saudi Arabia and Russia, has agreed to a 2 million oil barrel cut per day starting in November, which could mean a substantial increase in gas prices for months after the enactment.

With regards to the increase and inevitable effects of climate change in our environment- There is a sudden increase in invasive species, specifically in North America with stink bugs due to the overall increase in heat and degradation of our atmosphere. This provides a suitable environment for these bugs to thrive and reproduce, expanding their habitat and range of disperse, scientists state.