News Recap 10/9-15 beginning with Putin’s Massive Strike


Megan Hogan, Staff Writer

Monday topic: Putin’s Massive Strike

Ukraine witnessed yet another explosion, this time at rush hour on a central intersection. A police officer was found deceased and several vehicles were damaged and in flames. Just the day before, families were out enjoying their fall weekend at the park. Today, we are devastated to say that the Ukrainian capital’s most beloved park is left abandoned.

Later throughout the day, there was a hit next to a bicycle bridge, which is a major tourist attraction in Ukraine.This bridge is the easiest way to cross between mainland Russia and the Crimea region. Not only is the bridge for the Russian military, but it represents a symbolic value towards Vladimir Putin, the Russian president.

Several people are outraged and terrified for their safety. 

Tuesday: Biden’s student loan relief application

Today, we are thrilled to hear more about the student loan releif, implemented by President Biden. The administration officials will release the application sometime in October. This opportunity will be available until the end of December in 2023. If anyone is concerned about what the application will require, don’t worry! it is simply just requesting basic information such as your name, birthdate, email address, phone number, and other necessary information that is required. 

Income requirements? 

“ Certify under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that all of the information provided on this form is true and correct.” Simply check the box that states this and you are good to go.

Wednesday: NYC Immigrant crisis

The US has concluded a high number of immigrants that are coming from Mexico. Around the border, people are requesting tighter immigration policies to withhold immigrants from entering the United States. The problem lies within republican governors of states such as Texas, Arizona, and Florida. The governors are requesting that migrants be moved to democratic areas. Republican governors have even come to accuse democratic leaders of failing to inform immigration laws. Democratic states say that politics are being put forth against human life’s, and that this is completely unjust and unacceptable.


Thursday: Active volcano in Italy 

The Stromboli volcano, located on Stromboli Island has erupted again this week, and currently plays the role of the most active volcano in the world. The last major eruption occurred in 2019, and has arrived once again in 2022. The smoke and lava from the volcano released at about 2,220 degrees that rapidly reached the Tyrrhenian sea.


Friday: Are we headed for a recession?

President Biden stated this week that he doesn’t believe that the US is in for a recession because of the strength of the job market. However, economists happen to disagree with Biden. The American rescue plan and the inflation reduction act was put into legislation, believing to avoid recession. Experts are saying that the inflation reduction is at its all time high at 8 ½ percent. Concluding that we are in fact, not completely safe from a recession. Some are even saying that we are in one right now.