Russia-Ukraine Updates and Remembering Beloved Harry Potter Actor: Weekly News of 10/14-21


Nicole Montesano, Staff Writer

Actor Robbie Coltrane dies:

On October 14, 2022, Harry Potter actor Robbie Coltrane died at age 72. He was loved by many and appeared in all of the Harry Potter movies. The Scottish actor played the beloved character Hagrid in the films. J.K. Rowling posted a tribute the actor on Twitter, saying “I’ll never know anyone remotely like Robbie again.” Co-star Daniel Radcliffe added that Coltrane was “one of the funniest people I’ve met.” Coltrane’s agent of 40 years shared a statement in which described him to have a unique talent in bringing joy to children across the world in his films. “As well as being a wonderful actor, he was forensically intelligent…, brilliant witty…, and after 40 years of being proud to be called his agent, I shall miss him,” she said. Coltrane appeared in other films and media such as being the star of Britain’s 1980 alternative comedy boom. He was an actor that could balance serious roles as well as more comedic roles. His fellow co-star of Britain’s alternative comedy boom said that he will “be so dreadfully missed” and how much “depth, power, and talent” Coltrane had. The actor died in a hospital near Falkirk in Scotland, Britain’s PA Media reported.

Ukraine Uncovers Soldiers at Lyman Mass Grave: In recent news, Ukraine completes the exhumation of soldiers at the Lyman mass grave. On October 14, 2022, Ukrainian investigators finished uncovering soldiers in one of the two mass graves in the town of Lyman. In a statement, Donetsk regional police said, “Police have removed the bodies of 34 Ukrainian defenders from the mass grave… work continues at the second location where more than 120 civilians are buried. The fate of each person who died will be determined.” It’s been discovered that the bodies have been buried by the civilians, not the Russians. The bodies have been transported to a morgue and returned to their relatives after identification, police have stated. Donetsk Police have since found 144 bodies, most being civilians which were found under collapsed buildings or streets. Ukrainian authorities have accused Russian troops of committing atrocities in their occupied territories.

Putin demands an all-Russia war effort as he declares martial law in occupied Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday, October 19, that he is introducing martial law in four Russian-occupied regions of Ukraine. Putin boosted the security powers of all of Russia’s regional governors and ordered the creation of a special coordinating council under Prime Minister Mishustin to step up the faltering war effort. It must be geared towards supporting what Russia calls its “special military operation”. The U.S. Department said Russia was using “desperate tactics”, although it is far from clear how effectively the new measures support Russia’s military position on the ground. The Russian-installed acting governor of Kherson, Vladimir Saldo, confirmed that he would hand power to the military, according to the new agencies in Russia. Many regional chiefs said that they would not make any sudden changes. Ukrainian gains have now forced Putin into a series of escalators steps within the past month. Many have come to criticize Putin’s decisions during this war. Paul Stronski, a former Russian specialist at the U.S State Department, stated “Putin had a vision seven months ago, it’s gone horribly wrong and he still hasn’t quite figured out how to fix that vision of how to run a war.” Even allies have criticized Putin’s decision making.