153 Killed in Halloween Crowd Surge in Seoul, Biden’s Agenda at risk and Russia’s Withdraw from grain deal after drone attack: Weekly News:10/30-11/5



FILE – In this Wednesday, April 28, 2021, file photo, U.S. President Joe Biden addresses a joint session of Congress in the House Chamber at the U.S. Capitol as Vice President Kamala Harris, left, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., applaud, in Washington. North Korea on Sunday, May 2, warned the United States will face “a very grave situation” because Biden “made a big blunder” in his recent speech by calling the North a security threat and revealing his intent to maintain a hostile policy toward it. (Melina Mara/Pool Photo via AP, File)

153 people killed due to Halloween Crowd Surge in Seoul:

Amid the 153 people killed in Saturday’s apparent crowd surge at Seoul’s Popular nightclub district Itaewon were 56 men and 97 women, South Korea’s Interior and Safety Ministry reported Sunday. According to CNN, Four victims were teenagers, 95 people were in their 20s, 32 people in their 30s, nine in their 40s and 13 have yet to be identified, the ministry said. CNN also broaches that as of 5 p.m. local time Sunday (4 a.m. ET), the number of people injured has risen to 133, of whom 37 are seriously injured, the ministry said. 3 South Korean military personnel were also among those killed in this deathly surge. Four other South Korean military personnel were also in the accident but left injured and are now being treated in a hospital. 

President Biden’s Agenda at risk of being jeopardized:

President Biden’s agenda hangs in the balance as democrats defend their majorities in Congress. For President Biden, the Dreaming-of-FDR phase of his presidency may end in little more than a week. If Republicans capture one or both houses of Congress in midterm elections, as polling suggests, Biden’s domestic agenda will suddenly transform from a quest for a New Deal 2.0 to trench warfare defending the accomplishments of his first two years in office. On a wide array of issues like abortion, taxes, race and judges, Biden’s opportunities would invariably shrink as he focuses less on advancing the expansive policy goals that have animated his administration and more on preserving the newly constructed economic and social welfare architecture that Republicans have vowed to dismantle. While the president and Democratic leaders have not publicly given up on the possibility of hanging onto Congress in the balloting that concludes Nov. 8, privately they are pessimistic and bracing for two years of grinding partisan conflict. In addition to efforts to block or reverse Biden’s domestic initiatives, Republican control of either house would result in a flurry of subpoenas and investigations of the administration that would define the relationship between the White House and Congress. 

Russia’s Withdraw from a Grain deal after drone attack: 

On October 29, Russia halts grain deal after massive Black Sea fleet attack. Russia suspended its participation in the deal that allowed ships to take grain out of three Ukrainian ports after explosions in Sevastapol, which Moscow said were from Ukrainian drones and semi-submersibles, with the help of British forces, according to reporting from state-run media TASS. A senior military official confirmed there were explosions in Crimea but would not give a damage assessment or offer additional information during a Monday briefing. “Taking into account the act of terrorism committed by the Kiev regime with the participation of British specialists on Oct. 29, 2022 against the Black Sea Fleet ships and civilian vessels employed to safeguard the security of the grain corridor, Russia is suspending its participation in the agreements on the exports of agricultural products from Ukrainian ports,” according to the Russian defense ministry, TASS reported.