Movement in Iran


Aryssa Denton, Staff Writer

The movement in Iran all started with the death of Mahsa Amini (also known as Jina Amini), a 22 year-old that died at the hands of the Iranian Government. The Iranian morality police arrested Mahsa Amini on September 13 of this year because they claimed the way she was wearing her hijab in a way that made her hair visible. This sparked outrage in the community, causing strikes, protests, and riots in the street. This has been going on for almost 3 months now, and the morality police have killed hundreds of protesters on the streets. Even people who aren’t protesters get caught in the crossfire of these monsters. Over 300 people have been killed already by the Iranian Republic.
The IR currently have over 15,000 political prisoners that they are going to execute. As if that can’t get any worse, there are laws in place in Iran that prevent them from executing virgin girls. To combat this, the Iranian Republic allegedly plans to sexually assault these girls the day before execution as a way to get around this rule. Some of these girls are children as young as 10. The government started prisoner executions on December 8 with Mohsen Shekari; he was only 23 and was arrested for crimes against God. Officials told his parents that if they didn’t protest or speak out against the IR, their son would be released. Unfortunately, this was a lie. In Iran, officials are hanging people on the streets, shooting protesters down, and taking people captive for crimes they didn’t commit. They sentence these people to death without a fair trial. They are currently holding Niloofar Hamedi and Elahe Mohammadi, the reporters who spoke up about Masha Amini’s death, captive as well. The IR even had a fourteen year old boy held captive who, when released, proceeded to kill himself. This raises questions about what he endured in captivity.

Mohsen Shokari
Behrad Aikenar
Mohammad Ghobadiou

Sahand Nourmohammafzadeh
Mahammad Borghani
Parham Parvari
Akbar Ghaffari
Maon Sadrat Madani
Saman Seidi
Mohsen Rezazadeh
Manochehr Mehmannavaz
Milad Armoun
Behrad Hesari
Mehdi Jahani
Nastouh Nikkhah
Mohammad Pasandian

Abolfazi Mehri Hossein Haji
Farzaneh Ghaeh Hsanlou
Hamid Ghareh Hasanlou
Saeed Shirazi
Reza Arya

Mahammad Mehdi Karami
Ali Moazzami Goudarzi
Behrad Aikenar
Reza Shaker Zavardehi
Javad Zargarian
Mohammad Amin Akhlaghi
Seyed Mahammad Hosseini
Shayan Charani

Mehdi Mohammadi
Aryan Farzamnia
Amir Mohammad Jafari
Amin Mehdi Shokrolahi
Toumaj Salehi
Saleh Mirhashemi
Amir Nasr Azadani
Ali Rakhshani
Majidreza Rahnavard

Tohid Darvishio

It’s important to think of people as more than just numbers. This is a list of names of the people soon to be officially executed- as you can see there have already been 2 lives taken. Some of these names belong to children and minors. Saying their names can save their lives. The only way the Iranian Republic can get away with all these executions is if they stay under the radar. So if enough people speak up about this and draw attention to these injustices, maybe the executions can be stopped.