Predicted Earthquake, Ukrainian Evacuation Orders, and New Orchid Species: Weekly News of 3/13-17


What’s happening this week: A large-scale earthquake is predicted to happen in Istanbul, Ukraine orders evacuation from liberated city, a new species of orchid is found in Japan.

An earthquake of unthinkable proportions is predicted in Istanbul: For the past five weeks, Turkey has dealt with the horrible aftermath and conditions due to the earthquake they recently experienced. It looks as if now the most populous city, Istanbul, is preparing for the possibility of another natural disaster. Professor Celal Sengor, one of Turkey’s best geoscientists says, “the outlook for Istanbul is not bright at all”. Istanbul Technical University professor tells CNN that the possibility of an earthquake happening in Istanbul in the next 20 years is high. Turkey is one of the most seismically active regions in the world. Recently, experts estimate that another earthquake across the North Anatolian fault could reach a magnitude anywhere between 7.2 and 7.8, with devastating consequences. Government and civilians prepare as they are recovering from the recent earthquake that hit.


Ukraine orders evacuation from the liberated city: Kuplansk police and chief say that ever since mid-February the sharper whistle of incoming fire is getting closer. Now, Russian positions are less than 5 minutes away from a city they occupied at the start of the invasion before losing it to Ukraine back in September. One of the volunteers involved in the evacuations says, “We have put signs up everywhere about the free evacuation with the phone numbers to call”. Authorities say that most days they manage anywhere from 8 to 40 evacuations, most remaining voluntary. Evacuation has been difficult because of the ongoing war and damage that are in many neighborhoods. Many feel unmoved to evacuate despite the many warnings. Some don’t see any reason to evacuate and leave behind their businesses.


New species of a glass-like orchid is found in Japan: Japanese scientists and researchers have recently discovered a new species of orchid on a balcony in a neighborhood. This new orchid looks like it is made out of glass and the petals look like they were spun from glass. This newly discovered flower is a neighbor to populations of related orchids in Japan. Scientists reported this on Friday in the Journal of Plant Research. This orchid has petals that resemble wavy locks of hair that can be pink, yellow, white, or purple. This new flower was discovered in Tokyo near Hachijo island. Identifying a new plant in Japan is uncommon, so this new discovery sparked interest in the orchid from many different researchers.