Sudanese Youth Protest Against the Country’s Ongoing Civil War


With recent events regarding the turmoil between Sudan’s Army and sub armed forces, the lives of many have been taken. This tragedy is exacerbated by lack of international communication with relatives, lack of basic necessities such as food and water, and citizens being at the center of constant gunfire, explosions, and home displacement. With countries like the United States coming to Sudan’s aid and most countries evacuating their citizens from the country, it was a time for the youth of Sudanese- Americans to put their foot forth in the matter.

On Saturday, April 29th, there were protests around the country regarding Sudan’s unfortunate and difficult situation, including a recent protest in Downtown Greensboro. We asked some of the protestors questions about the current conflict, how they feel, and what could possibly be done to help ease the situations of a lot of these people’s families at the crossfire of such unprecedented times.

Altayib, a Page High Student and participant, says “This whole situation is a long time coming, and is very disappointing in both sides thinking they’re in the right in sacrifice of the people they claim they’re fighting for.” As someone who was born in Sudan, Altayib continues by talking about his family. He says “I just pray for them at this point, and think there’s no return for the country.” Amna, a junior at the early college of UNCG, says, “I just pray to Allah for the souls perished under this pathetic attempt at change and hope peace is brought to these victims.” She also speaks about her family, saying “My cousins were lucky enough to get to Egypt and appreciate the USA for coming to the people’s aid, even if it could’ve been much swifter.”

The Civil war in Sudan is a great sadness for the citizens of Sudan and relatives here in the USA. At this time, we can only pray for their well being and safety as updates about the situation continue to arise.