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The Official Student Publication of Page High School

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The Official Student Publication of Page High School

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Snuggling with my Bearded Dragon


Bearded dragons are a reptile that originated from Australia. They are cold blooded, so they need a heat lamp. Bearded dragons can live up to 15 years. When owning a bearded dragon, you should never have two in the same cage. Bearded dragons do not get along together as they get older than when they do as babies. My best advice for getting this kind of animal is to go ahead and purchase a big tank for them, that way when they get bigger you do not have to keep buying a cage as they get bigger, so it is good to go ahead and get one. Bearded dragons need at least 12 hours of light, and they do not need light when they are sleeping. When it gets dark, they take it as a sign to go to sleep. Leaving your bearded dragons without any heat/light for two days can cause health issues. One important thing that is needed for your bearded dragon cage is a basking area. A basking area is where the bearded dragon can reach close to the heat lamp to keep warm. If your bearded dragon tries to keep away from it, it may be too hot for them or if they are trying to reach it and climb closer to it then it may be too far away for them. Spending quality time with your bearded dragon is good. Although they do not need a lot of attention, I still would recommend it. They have a wide variety of food choices. Things such as Dubia roaches, super worms, meal worms, crickets, and grasshoppers. They also like fruits and vegetables. Before thinking about getting a pet bearded dragon you should do a lot of research on them to know how to take care of them properly. Bearded dragons do not show aggression unless they are scared or feel threatened. They will open their beard and mouth to scare off predators. I have a pet bearded dragon and it has never bitten me. The only time it showed aggression was when I was behind her and accidentally scared her. Hydration is especially important for bearded dragons. They do not always drink it, but it should always be provided for them. You can bathe your bearded dragon but only using water. Always make sure the water is very warm for them. When bearded dragons shed it is important to know that you do not peel their shed off. It can cause skin irritation and sickness to your bearded dragon. The only place I recommend helping them shed is their nose holes.

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Natalie Scott
Natalie Scott, Staff Writer
Hi! I'm Natalie. I'm a 10th grader. I love to shop, hang out with friends, and spend time with my bearded dragon. I also love to write about anything and everything.

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