A Successful Beginning and End to Varsity Cross Country

Mazin Dargol, Staff Writer

First, we’d like to congratulate our varsity boys and girls cross country teams on participating  in the Metro 4-A Conference Championship at the Ivey Redmon sports complex in Kernersville, NC. For the varsity boys, Ethan Long placed 1st, followed by Jean-Lou Pare in 2nd. With fellow teammates Will Abel, Chritian Quintana, and Winston Eskridege placing in the top 10. On January 22, Long and Pare competed for the individual 4A State Championship.

For our varsity girls, we have Madeline Hamuka, Kaitlyn Lewis, Brianna Clarida, and Anabelle Short placing in the top 10. Followed by Mclaurin Hull, Reeves Grant, and Grayson Grant at the top 20. Overall, both of our varsity teams have placed in the top 3 for team scores, with the boys at 1st place with 30 points and the girls at 3rd with 54. This is a feat that embodies the spirit of our Page Cross Country.