Football Team Faces Many Changes This Season

Kaya Johnson, Staff Writer

The Pirates have had a difficult start to a unique season. In the 2020-2021 season, they have had to face and adjust to many different changes and challenges. There has been a loss of players, and a whole new coaching staff joined the team. The season is starting very late in the school year too, as football is normally would have been played at the end of 2020.The almost yearlong break resulted in most players not getting the training and workouts they needed to be ready for the season. However, the biggest change from a normal football season is COVID-19. There are major restrictions to adjust to on the field and in the schools. The new school schedule can often overlap with games and practices as well, so players have to have a game plan to be successful. I believe they will overcome these challenges and make a turn around to have a successful season, so make sure to visit the site for updates. Go Pirates!