Women’s Soccer Travels to Charlotte for Final Four Game


Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

The women’s soccer team ended the season with 18 wins, five losses, and two ties. Before their final game in the championship tournament, the team was on a nine game winning streak. 

In the playoffs, the Pirates advanced into the Final Four after winning four playoff games. On May 31 in the Final Four game, the Pirates traveled to Charlotte to play Ardrey Kell. A bus transported students who wanted to watch the game to the stadium so that the Pirates could have support for one of the most important games of the season. It was a close match and our team made a comeback in the second half, but unfortunately the Pirates lost, scoring only two points while Ardrey Kell scored three. The Pirates put up a great fight, especially considering Ardrey Kell’s season record of 25-1-1.

The team will be saying goodbye to seven seniors: Jonny Kate Harron, Chela Parris, Janie Carpenter, Maddie Goas, Eliza Barnett, Anna Schmedes, and Lilly Stephens. Congratulations on a great season, Pirates!


Photo Credits: Charlotte Observer