What It Takes to Become a Great Wrestler


Tremel Hester, Staff Writer

This story explores what it takes to become an amazing wrestler by taking a deeper look into what people must put into the situation to be successful. This is an important topic because it can help you mentally and physically. Wrestling is one of the many sports that can help you get in shape for another sport. One thing I surprisingly found out while doing research is that many people don’t even know that wrestling is a sport.

Wrestling has been a sport for a long time, dating back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Competitors continued to improve as they went against each other, an element that makes the sport that much more amazing. What many people do not know is that wrestling against opponents who may be “better” than you helps you to improve and grow in skill. There are many wrestlers that I know personally who cannot bench over 185lbs, but still dominate their opponents on the wrestling mat. This amazes me because it shows that wrestling isn’t all about extreme strength- if you have good technique and know what you are doing for the most part, you can succeed no matter what. This is extremely helpful for new wrestlers just getting into the sport.

Many people do not realize the amount of preparation that goes into each wrestling match- down to the mats themselves. Each mat is divided into eight sections, which must be arranged in the correct order and taped together. If the sections are not in the right order, the mat will be incorrect, and the circle may not be in the correct position on top. The next step in the preparation process is without a doubt the hardest. Wrestlers must keep their weight low for the weigh-in section of the match. Being overweight during the weigh-in means tough luck- the wrestler does not get to compete in the match.

The most important and least talked about element of preparation would have to be practice. This is far from easy because it requires extreme stamina. Wrestlers practice surprisingly hard so that when they get on the mat against their opponent, the match seems easier. If you are doing what you are supposed to in practice, it will be a cake walk for you in the real match. I truly believe that if you put in the work, the result will be pleasing, whatever it may be. If you put in the work, you can achieve what you want in return. If you push yourself to the max, you can become the absolute best, and if not, keep pushing because your day is soon to come.