Buffalo Bills NFL Star Damar Hamlin “Showing Improvement” Following Cardiac Arrest


Mazin Dargol, Staff Writer

Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin (24) was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit Monday night following a cardiac arrest during an NFL game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Currently Damar is showing signs of improvement, but will remain in intensive care and overwatch. Such a sudden and tragic outcome has stirred up controversy surrounding the NFL and football as a sport in regards to the well-being of players. This is a prominent controversy, with many injured players being reluctant to return to the sport too soon and many parents reconsidering the idea of letting their own children participate in football due to its “violent nature”. Damar Hamlin’s condition barely scratches the surface of the massive issue of Sports Health, and has created a divide between players and spectators, as well as emphasizing the importance of advocacy for mental health efforts behind sports organizations.

*As of Wednesday night, Hamlin was awake in the ICU and able to communicate in writing. He is reported to be showing “significant improvement”.