Hardin Brings Awareness to HS Domestic Violence


Meagan Gutheil, Staff Writer

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Domestic violence is something that is very real and very scary in our generation. People who suffer in these types of relationships don’t always realize how toxic the relationships are for them. Domestic violence can happen to anyone, especially younger girls. Madison Hardin, a student at our very own Page High School, starred in an awareness video about domestic violence. When asked why she starred in a domestic awareness video and not something else like a drug and alcohol abuse she replied saying, “With drugs and alcohol you can help yourself and try to get better. These girls and boys are being abused behind closed doors and need people to reach out to them.” She understands that domestic violence is serious and people need to be more aware. If you think that someone you know may be involved may be in an abusive relationship you should talk to them about it and don’t be judgmental about their decision because they are going to need your support. If you are in an abusive relationship just know “That you don’t deserve this, and this isn’t normal. I know they say they love you, but you need to get out of this relationship. There is someone there for you even if it’s not them.” In order to prevent domestic violence in our generation be on the look out for any signs. If someone is constantly making excuses for their significant other, they have unexplained injuries or their partner is extremely possessive or jealous (the rest of the signs are on the National Domestic Violence website). If you think that you may be in this type of relationship call the number down below.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline Phone Number 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

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Hardin Brings Awareness to HS Domestic Violence