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Morgan Craddock, Staff Writer

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        A Cappella Club is a singing group that performs covers of popular songs of any genre, but using only voices; no instruments are involved. If you have ever seen the movie “Pitch Perfect”, it is about an A Cappella group and is a perfect example of how the club really works.    The goal is to build A Cappella and singing skills while performing fun, familiar pieces. The club works directly with interns from UNCG as well as singers in the Spartones, which is UNCG’s premier all-male A Cappella group. The interns work with the students in the club and then they perform at some of their concerts at UNCG as well. The club is run by Ms. Ramsey and meets on Thursdays from 4:00-5:15 in the Chorus Room (705). Announcements are made each week to remind students and to also let them know of any cancellations. Students should join A Cappella Club because it is a fun way to meet new, great people while doing something lots of people love to do, which is to sing! The club brings people together and builds trust and lasting friendships because of the same desire to sing and perform. The club is beneficial for the students because music training gives you skills that are transferrable to other parts of your life like literacy, math skills, logic, discipline, self-confidence, leadership, and especially public speech because of the constant performing and being on stage. This club is also a good way to get connected to a smaller community within the Page student body. If you are interested in joining, see Ms. Ramsey in the chorus room. 

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