Club Corner: Humanity Club

Olivia Emmert, Staff Writer

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The Humanity Club is a new club being brought to the school this year. The club was founded by an eleventh grade student, Ava Besecker, and the club director is Mrs. Bowser, an earth/environmental teacher. The goal of the club is to talk about basic human rights, and to create a safe place for students to come to talk about their feelings in regards to racism, sexism, or any other kinds of discrimination the students may be facing. The Humanity Club is planning to participate in social movements, provide community service and volunteering opportunities, possibly create a cultural fair at Page, and overall spread happiness to everyone not just in the school, but in the community as a whole. When talking to Mrs. Bowser about why she and Ava wanted to start this club she said, “We have seen too much divide among the people here at Page, and it seems everyone is so segregated. We want to stop this and spread awareness before the divide continues, and gets worse.” Hopefully, overtime the Humanity Club will create a more respectful environment here at Page High School. For anyone interested in joining this club, the next meeting is Thursday, September 21st  in Mrs. Bowser’s room, 201. The club will meet every two weeks on Thursdays.

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Club Corner: Humanity Club