Rick’s Review’s: Annabelle: Creation

Rick Rodriguez, Staff Writer

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Greetings Pirates! I am your new (soon to be all-time favorite) film reviewer taking over the Pages by Page movie section, I’m your host; Rick Rodriguez and this is Rick’s Reviews. I’ll honorably seek out new films that made their way to the silver screen and give you a short description and tell you my thoughts on it.
In this review we are talking about everyone’s 2nd favorite cursed doll, Annabelle (Chucky landing on 1st place). Annabelle: Creation takes us back to the origin story of sweet old Annabelle. Anthony LaPaglia, who brilliantly plays Samuel Mullins (doll make and creator of the Annabelle doll) along with his wife Esther Mullins (played by Miranda Otto) suffers the traumatic experience of losing their only child Annabelle (played by Samara Lee) in a tragic car accident. While grieving for their deceased daughter, the Mullins very desperately will do whatever they can to bring their little “Bee” back, but instead they blindly brought an evil entity that took the image of their daughter into its own form. Everything else in the movie will have to be personally be viewed by you. Scary movies are very much not my thing and letting Grimsley win isn’t our beloved high school’s thing but if it was… it won’t be. I really liked the movie it t made me want to watch another horror movie. Maybe IT? If Pirate tokens were a thing. I would give this movie 4/5 tokens.

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