November Student of the Month: Branyon Spigner

Olivia Emmert, Staff Writer

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November’s Student of the Month is Branyon Spigner. Branyon is an all-around great student and athlete. He is pretty well known as number 58 on the football team, but he is much more than that. Not only does Branyon take AP and IB courses, he excels in them by finishing with an A or a high B. Branyon is someone who many people look up to, and by him being the senior leader of Young Life, it truly shows his leadership skills. He organizes meetings and small groups for the freshman, sophomores, and juniors, and makes sure they all feel comfortable enough to talk to him. Branyon is also a role model to the elementary school kids that he mentors. Branyon is very involved in his church at Lawndale Baptist, and plays the drums in his church’s band. When he isn’t involved with his religious activities Branyon calls himself an “outdoor enthusiast” and enjoys hunting and fishing. On top of all of these things he participates in, Branyon is a Water Works employee and works there everyday after school once football season ends. Branyon continues to show outstanding leadership both in and outside the classroom!

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