Rick’s Reviews: Billie Eilish

Rick Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Welcome back Pirates, my name is Rick Rodriguez and this is Rick’s Reviews. Today we’re switching things up and doing our reviews on musicians.  Today’s victim title will fall on the rising star Billie Eilish.

The 16-year-old California born singer started her fame when she published “OCEAN EYES” and instantly gave her stardom. Ms. Eilish’s music is electropop and electronica; she knows how to play the ukulele and can sing. Billie Eilish recently started touring across the U.S. and is having more and more fans along the way as well as Instagram and Twitter followers. I personally very much love her music because of the calm, low-key vibe she sends out. For now my favorite song of hers is called “When the Party’s Over.” This young star very much deserves 5 tokens.